Past Members

Ali Cheng

Performer: Ali joined Naruwan Taiko in September of 2008 and is excited about the opportunity to learn and be creative with a group which shares the art of Taiko with such passion and generosity. Ali’s musical experience includes the piano, some banging on a standard drum kit, and lots of air band with her two […]

Andrew Nguyen

Performer: Andrew first heard the sound of the taiko drum as a kid frequenting the Japanese festivals of LA. It wasn’t until college that he discovered the art of taiko was open to everyone, regardless of ethnic background, age, or musical experience. He became a member of the performing ensemble Jodaiko his first year at […]

Daisy Kim

Performer: Daisy joined Naruwan Taiko in 2011 after moving to San Diego to attend a doctorate program in physical therapy. She was immediately attracted to the benefits of rhythm for physical, mental, and spiritual health. She shares her knowledge of physical therapy to ensure all of our taiko players maintain proper body mechanics, lengthening our […]

Melvin Gualberto

Performer: Melvin started playing with Asayake Taiko at UCSD in 2010. After graduation, he played with Kishin Daiko in West Covina. Upon moving back to San Diego, Melvin joined Naruwan Taiko in 2014 and lived happily ever after.

Thais Takei

Performer: Thais first fell in love with taiko after watching friends perform with Inazuma Taiko of Sorocaba, Brazil in 2005 and decided to also join in on the fun. After one year of blisters and aching muscles, her taiko voyage took a break when she moved to San Diego in 2006. However, taiko jumped its […]

Todd Margolis

Performer: Todd Margolis is a Transmedia producer of immersive artworks. Todd first began practicing Taiko when he was introduced to Naruwan in late 2012. Since then, he continually hones his drumming skills with Naruwan as well as finds new ways to integrate Taiko with emerging media such as 4K digital cinema, biofeedback, motion capture, augmented […]

Tracy Cornish

Performer: Tracy Cornish is an Australian artist and researcher with a Doctorate of Philosophy by Research in Visual Art.  Her first experience with Taiko was seeing TaikOz at Womadelaide World Music Festival in 2001. It was one of the most visceral and exhilarating performances she had seen. In September 2012 she had her first taiko […]