Joseph was first exposed to taiko with the popular arcade game franchise, Taiko no Tatsujin (“taiko master” in English). It provided fun and entertainment for him from junior high through high school but, when Joseph saw UCSD’s Asayake Taiko performing one night, it became more than a game. After going through Asayake’s tryout process just to experience the “real deal,” he accepted an invitation to join the group — a decision that would end up defining his college experience. Since then, Joseph has performed taiko all around San Diego and even had the opportunity to play with 30 Seconds to Mars at a performance for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. He continues his taiko career after college with Naruwan Taiko, a group that he was constantly exposed to and admired during his time with Asayake Taiko. When asked about Naruwan, Joseph had this to say: “I’m just so grateful that Naruwan has accepted me as part of their family and allow me to continue to participate in a totally unique and rewarding hobby and lifestyle.”