Founder/Director: Diana discovered taiko in 2006 with UC Berkeley’s Raijin Taiko. After she graduated in 2007, Diana wanted to bring the amazing experience of taiko drumming to her local community, […]


Instructor: Devin is a percussionist at heart. After many years of taking western percussion, Devin started playing taiko in 2009 with UCI Jodaiko. Four years of collegiate taiko later and […]


Instructor: Jimmy was fascinated when he first saw a taiko performance by UCSD’s Asayake Taiko, as he was seeking a new hobby that would inspire him tremendously. Opportunity knocked on […]


Amy has been in Naruwan Taiko since 2008. She loves the ability to challenge herself musically and expressively through taiko, and also loves that the group has been a source […]


Daniel has had a love for taiko since he was a kid. His parents would take him to taiko concerts as they would come to town. In 2014, Daniel saw […]


Ha had never seen taiko before Naruwan. Inspired by the group’s spirit, she joined in 2008 and still finds it thrilling to hit a drum today. She has learned so […]


Jen has been exposed to music and performing arts her entire life from piano, western percussion, hula, and hip hop dance. While in college, Jennifer was a part of the […]


Jenny started playing taiko back in 2010 at UC Riverside with Senryu Taiko. Before college, she had never heard of taiko but was drawn to the loud, empowering sounds of […]


Jessica saw taiko for the first time in high school, as a participant in a student exchange trip to Japan. But her first real exposure to the art was through […]


Joe has been with Naruwan Taiko since August of 2014. He started taking classes in the fall of 2013 after seeing Naruwan perform at the Harmony and Motion concert. Joe […]


Joseph was first exposed to taiko with the popular arcade game franchise, Taiko no Tatsujin (“taiko master” in English). It provided fun and entertainment for him from junior high through […]


Karen joined Naruwan Taiko in 2010 and says, “My retired life has suddenly become a lot more interesting ever since.” Initially, playing taiko was out of her comfort zone. “Without […]


Kathy has long loved rhythms, both in dance and drums. After playing an African djembe for years and dancing to Middle Eastern rhythms, she is happy to be finally getting […]


Kelly joined Naruwan Taiko in 2008 and has been having great fun practicing and performing with the group ever since. Originally from New York, Naruwan was her first exposure to […]


Liz began her taiko journey after seeing Naruwan perform at a festival in 2015. Following that performance, she signed up for what she thought would be a one-time workshop experience […]


Lori started playing taiko in 2015 shortly after moving to San Diego. Coming from 15 years of training in the martial arts — but with no musical background or experience […]


Malina started taking taiko classes with her father back in elementary school. The two practiced and performed together with Ryusei Taiko of Pearl City, Hawaii until Malina moved to California […]


Neil first heard taiko during Welcome Week at UC Berkeley in 2009. He was amazed by the high energy and the sheer strength of the performers. Through the years, he […]


Fascinated with taiko when she first saw it in a summer concert at the age of 8, Priscilla dreamed of hitting the drum one day. Years later, the opportunity came […]


Rebecca stumbled upon Naruwan in June of 2016 when they were performing at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. She could hardly contain her excitement and knew instantly that taiko was something […]


Ruthie first experienced taiko while hiking in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Hearing drums echo through the Grand Canyon was awe-inspiring. The biggest surprise was that the drummers were Japanese. After […]


Yvonne began playing taiko in 2009 as a student in Naruwan Taiko’s community classes. Today, she remains grateful and honored to be a member of the Naruwan family, and loves […]


Corin started her taiko journey with Ryusei Taiko in Hawaii while she was in elementary school and played throughout high school. After moving to San Diego for grad school, Corin […]


Kristen started playing taiko in 2011 at UCLA with the student group Yukai Daiko. She played there for just a couple years but enjoyed the close camaraderie that is inherent […]


Melanie has always loved the powerful, moving sound of the taiko and the way it makes her feel. She wanted to learn the art for years, but was unable to […]